You are made of Stardust!

I don’t know about any of you, but when I was taught physics at school it was taught so badly and was bloody appalling! I didn’t learn very much at all apart from how to make pretty pictures with magnets and iron filings, and something else about tuning forks (not a clue what!) so I dropped physics like a ton of hot bricks as soon as I was able.

But as I have grown and recovered from a lot of nonsense, I think it was such a bloody shame! If anyone had told me back then that I was “made of stardust” I might have stayed around in those physics lessons to find out why! Stayed to hear the rest of the wonders of the Universe as seen through the eyes of science.

I do that now of course, but I can’t help being pissed off that I missed so many years of all that wonder!

Because it is a wonderful way to start anyone’s recovery I think, to begin with the facts –

That we are made from the stars, and that we are each a unique irreplaceable individual. There has never been anyone exactly like you before, and there never will be again! You are a “One off”.You are made of the same stardust as everyone else, the Governor, the pope, the Queen,!

All the other layers of crap that were layered upon me had to be really stripped down to that in order for me to make any real sense of my existence. Being part of nature, part of the universe, part of the stardust makes me feel I have some worth when for many years I felt like an alien in this world that I so badly wanted to be part of.

So my work and that of our “5 Star Wellbeing” community is to create a stellar “5 star” recovery programme that anyone – no matter where they come from can use in order to regain their own “stardust” existence.

Science, along with some ancient Chinese wisdom, to me is the best way to do this, and with real evidence. With help also from some people who are so much cleverer than I, we can perhaps ignite the passion for freedom and wonder that we have lost sight of during our ordeals.

Along with all of the other cruel lies that kept me tied, I think one of the worst is not allowing me to know the wonderful magical truth of my existence.

I am making up for a LOT of lost time, and I want to pass on the cross pollination of thoughts and inspirations that have helped me!

In the mean time Keep Twinkling!
Sue Cox X