``The brain and addiction``- an exciting one day workshop

This day is specially designed and by popular request!

For many years we have been asked to provide a one day course explaining the neuro-science of addiction and why we are often “talking” to the wrong part of the brain and therefore using the wrong interventions.

It is our pleasure to offer this day workshop.

A dynamic,thought provoking, empowering, and exciting exploration into the science and true nature of addiction! Current “up to the minute” neuro science Translated into easy accessible language! exploring The wonders of the brain ! (The target organ of addiction) Exactly how it works! it’s evolution! It’s structure! It’s power! How epigenetic changes occur! Is there a “positive”aspect to addiction!! How triggers work What to DO about it! What “works” – what doesn’t – and why! request!

For Counsellors, Healthcare professionals, Therapists, Students, addiction and mental health practitioners, and anyone who would like to explore the wonders of the brain and how to take good care of it!