She has received her award for her work with addiction in many of the country’s toughest prisons as well as the NHS, and community charities.

Sue has created and delivered a unique recovery programme which has been adopted by HMPS and NHS using a combination of Chinese medicine,Neuroscience, Lived experience and natural wellbeing techniques.

She has personally taught 26,000 healthcare workers, and more recently, has extended her teaching to prisoners, creating a unique 5 star wellbeing coaching programme which empowers the prisoners to help their peers. It is proving invaluable.

Sue is unbelievably honoured to be awarded this accolade, and is proud of her partnership with HMPS .and plans to continue her work with renewed vigour.

Sue, who has six children, three grandchildren and one great grandson, lived and held her Park Street clinic in Leamington Spa for many years now lives with her artist husband Gez in Gaydon.

Sue Cox